If you would like to make a booking, please send all of your details, including the date, venue, times etc. of the wedding or function, to jane@sydneyweddingmusic.com.au or call on 0414 903 498.
There is a non-refundable deposit, usually between $80 and $250 due within one week of making your booking. Most people prefer to pay by direct deposit but other payment options are available.
The balance is due the week before the wedding or function by cheque or direct deposit. Other payment options are available by arrangement. For corporate events an invoice including ABN can be provided.
The minimum booking time is one hour for string groups and longer for others. A one hour booking can be made for wedding ceremonies but we advise against it, unless you are having a very short civil ceremony. If you are having and Anglican or other protestant wedding ceremony we would advise a minimum time of 1 1/4 hours and for a Catholic ceremony, 1 1/2 hours. For a full nuptial mass, you may require more time, depending on how many people are taking communion. There are countless stories of less reputable companies packing up and leaving part way through the ceremony. Some musicians book cheap one hour wedding ceremonies very close together and speed from one to the next. They arrange to arrive 5 minutes before the start time and leave as soon as the hour is up. If anything goes wrong, there is simply no music. Even though you think you will definitely be on time, you never know what might happen on the day. You are spending thousands on your wedding and you want it to be perfect, so it is worth paying a little more for the peace of mind of knowing that you have planned for all contingencies.
No. The price is fixed unless you change your arrangements. When making your booking we will take the start and finish time and the location into account and charge accordingly.
Sydney Wedding Music has been providing music for weddings and functions for over 15 years. We have played at literally hundreds of weddings, and we also have experience playing at corporate events, parties, product launches, award ceremonies, concerts, conferences, formal dinners, engagements, christenings etc.
Sydney Wedding Music provides a range of different classical and jazz ensembles. You can choose string quartets and trios, other classical trios, jazz combinations and groups which can do a mixture of styles. Click here to see a list of suggested combinations. If you have something else in mind, let us know as we have contact with a large variety of vocalists and instrumentalists and we can tailor a group to suit.
Our musicians are always well groomed. We believe that it is better to be over dressed than under-dressed. Women wear all black evening wear. For classical ensembles, the men wear a back suit and bow tie. For jazz groups, the men usually wear a black suit and long tie. They can also wear bow ties upon request. If it is a more casual event, the men can wear black shirts with a long tie or open collar upon request. Any other ideas? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Please make sure to tell us if you are having a black tie event.
The musicians need to take a 15 minute break about every hour. This can be timed to fit in with yours speeches etc. Generally, during a wedding ceremony the musicians will not be playing the whole time so no break is necessary, but they will still need a drink, especially on warm days.
If the function is three hours or longer, the musicians will require a meal. There is no need for the full three course meal. Most venues offer a meal for musicians, photographers etc. for a reduced price. These are usually referred to as “crew meals”. Please enquire with your venue.
Yes they do. Just a soft drink is fine but they do sometimes appreciate a glass of wine with dinner if it is a long function.
Yes, the musicians need one armless chair each.
If it is sunny the musicians will need shelter from the sun. A large tree is usually enough. The glue and varnish can melt on wooden instruments in hot sun. If the weather turns bad the musicians can not play in the rain. You will need to provide shelter or a wet weather alternate venue. The instruments, especially the wooden ones are very delicate and valuable and can not get wet.
Sydney Wedding Music can provide amplification. This is not always required for classical groups and outdoor wedding ceremonies, and it often looks nicer if you can have no amplification. For jazz vocals, amplification is always required. We can provide a 100 watt PA which is suitable for background music for up to about 250 people. For outdoor events, Jane Hart Trio and Recuerdos Trio can be amplified using state of the art battery powered amplification. This means you can have vocals outdoors. This amplification is less powerful but provides enough amplification for small outdoor events and can accommodate quite large wedding ceremonies. If you have a very long or very large room, there is a limit to the amount of sound we will be able to produce and it is advisable for you to speak to a sound engineer. We will recommend amplification when required.
Generally this is no problem. Overtime is charged at $70 per player per hour for up to 4 hours and $90 per player from the beginning of the 5th hour and $100 per player from the beginning of the 6 hour. Overtime is charged in 30 minute increments. Sydney Wedding Music leaves a generous amount of time between bookings but it is generally advisable to let us know in advance if you might need overtime so we can plan accordingly. This is especially important on Saturday afternoons as musicians often have bookings on Saturday nights.
Different groups have different repertoire, so you can choose from the appropriate list. The musicians are very talented and versatile, so generally if there is a special song you want, if you let us know in advance, we can play it for you if it is suitable. There are generally no extra costs involved if it is a well known song. Occasionally, we may need to purchase and/ or arrange the music, will incur an extra cost. Usually if we need to arrange a song there will be an extra $50 person fee. This is not a genuine reflection of the time and effort it takes to arrange your song. It usually takes a few hours minimum.
Usually we need half an hour before the booking time. You do not pay for this time and the booking time should be form when you want us to start playing. Classical groups need much less time if there is no amplification but they are still required to arrive half an hour before the booking time as it ensures a punctual starting time. If there is a PA, one of the musicians will arrive 45 minutes to one hour before the starting time to set up.
You are responsible for providing a clean, dry, safe work environment for the musicians.
The musicians require adequate lighting for their music. This is especially so for classical groups. If the jazz trio is playing at a wedding reception and you want to dim the lights, please let us know as we can bring along a music stand light.

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