Other Groups

Flute, Guitar and Cello Classical Trio:

Our most popular and most romantic trio, for those who love classical music and want something a bit different. Recuerdos Trio plays Classical, Latin, Spanish, New Flamenco and popular Romantic songs.

Canon – Pachelbel
Kiss from a Rose
Minuet – Boccherini
Air on the G string
Gabriel’s Oboe
La Rejoissance

Other String Quartets, Trios and Bands Available:

Sydney Wedding Music can help you decide on the combination to best suit your event. Below is a selection of string quartets, trios and bands. The groups can play various styles, including Classical, Romantic, Jazz, Latin, Spanish and New Flamenco. Have a look at the groups below. There is a combination to suit every occasion.

Classical Quartet – Flute, violin, viola and cello:

The traditional string quartet, but with the added beauty of the flute. This superb quartet has performed in many of Sydney’s finest churches. It is suitable for larger wedding ceremonies and pre-dinner drinks where amplification is not appropriate and a more traditional atmosphere is wanted. Also available as a trio for smaller weddings. In the trio you can choose flute, violin and cello or 2 flutes and cello.

Bittersweet Symphony
Air On The G String
Pachelbel Canon (Trio)

String Quartet – two violins, viola and cello:

The traditional string quartet has for many years been to group of choice for a large traditional wedding ceremony. Also available as a string trio for smaller weddings.

Brandenberg Concerto
Trumpet Tune (Trio)
Spring (Trio)


Stellar Expressions: Vocals/flute, violin and guitar mixed jazz and classical trio:

This group can take you right from the ceremony through the reception to the bridal waltz. Lovely classical, Continentaland Romantic songs, and light Hot Club swinging violin jazz sound with or without vocals.

Pachelbel Canon Lady Be Good Night and Day Turn Me On


Flute, violin, guitar and cello classical quartet:

a more versatile group suitable for larger weddings and functions able to play a wider repertoire than a traditional string quartet.


Flute and guitar duo (with optional vocals):

A very versatile combination able to play classical, light jazz, Latin and Spanish music – great for intimate weddings and small parties. Jazz up your event with Jane’s sultry jazz vocals. This group comes fully equipped with battery powered amplification for your outdoor event.

Vocals/ flute, guitar and bass jazz trio:

This versatile group can take you right from when the guests arrive for your ceremony until dancing at the end of the night. The ultimate wedding trio! The group has a great selection of light classical music, jazz and Latin numbers with Jane Hart’s signature jazz vocals. See Jane Hart Trio

Solo Violin or Solo Guitar:

Both of these instruments are particularly suited to performing as solo repertoire. Sydney Wedding Music provides only the finest and most experienced musicians for this purpose. Usually as a solo instrument, the violin is suited to playing classical songs for small wedding ceremonies. The guitar has a larger variety of repertoire and can be amplified both indoors and out, so is suitable for most smaller events, including weddings and cocktail parties.


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